Skynode S

Automated tracking and terminal engagement for attritable systems

Skynode S is a compact, low cost, all-in-one flight control and mission compute solution that enables small UAS systems with the Auterion software platform and unlocks automated terminal engagement capabilities. Featuring a custom designed, powerful mission computer to deploy AI and computer vision applications at scale.

What can Skynode S do?

Skynode S is an all-in-one solution that combines all the core components and connections needed to rapidly deploy the Auterion software stack on small integrated systems.

Designed to be low-cost yet powerful, it is particularly suited to power attritable loitering munitions. Skynode S provides access to upgraded performance with flight control software running on the latest FMUv6x, and a powerful mission computer with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit for AI and computer vision applications.

Features Overview

Auterion T&I App deployment

Auterion T&I (Track and Intercept) allows minimally trained operators to designate static and moving objects in video, and enter an automatic flight mode that intercepts tracked objects without using GPS

Chip-down, compact, versatile

Single connection to most Quad ESCs (signals and power), and up to 8 motors/servos in total.

NDAA compliant, open system standards

Built on a secure open source software base, using widely adopted industry standards like MAVLink and PX4 autopilot.

Powerful Hardware

Features the FMUv6x flight management unit from the current Skynode X family and a custom designed mission computer with upgraded compute power and hardware acceleration.

Wide range of supported payloads

Works out-of-the-box with many USB cameras, and includes support for two MIPI cameras.

Interoperable systems

Unlocks access to a continuously expanding network of interconnected devices and integrations

 Auterion Track & Intercept: the app for precise terminal engagements

Auterion T&I runs onboard Skynode S to enable precise tracking and terminal guidance, allowing operators to select and engage targets from significant distances, even with inexpensive cameras.

Easy and reliable execution

Minimally trained operators can designate static and moving objects in video, and enter an automatic flight mode that intercepts tracked objects with low CEP, even if link is lost during the terminal phase.

Modern warfare technology

Brings the capabilities of expensive loitering munitions to attritable systems and overcomes the requirement for manual piloting as the main limitation of traditional FPVs. 

Suitable for various systems

Support for airplanes and multicopters. T&I has been engineered to work with larger fixed-wing and VTOL systems.

Dragon: the turnkey solution to integrate Skynode S on quadcopter SUAS

Dragon is a reference design kit for manufacturers of SUAS quadcopter systems. It sets a new category of low cost, attritable FPV drones and software that can be deployed at scale. 

Dragon Reference Key Specs:

  • Dimensions including props: 58x52cm/ 22.8×20.4” 
  • Up to 2.5 kg payload capacity
  • 25 km flight range with 1.5kg  payload
  • 20 minutes endurance with 1.5kg payload
  • 40 minutes endurance without payload

Dragon Reference Design Kit Benefits:


  • Includes a kit with digital radio and cameras for partners to easily manufacture a low-cost system optimized for T&I and similar applications
  • Full access to AuterionOS and the development tools, testing and software updates of the Auterion software platform
  • Run Auterion Track and Intercept app or develop your own custom applications

Streamline operations, reduce cognitive burden

From the operator to the tactical network

  • Payloads are connected to and controlled by AuterionOS running on Skynode S, reducing reliance on the ground datalink
  • Common UI/UX across payload types, while exposing full payload functionality to the operator
  • Deliberate handoff of control between pilot and observer ground control stations
  • Advanced behaviors like follow-target
  • Bidirectional communication with TAK via CoT
  • Immediately disseminate media captured during the flight
  • Real-time exchange of information with remote devices within the network

The complete platform.

Leverage the Auterion software platform by deploying your own mission-specific functionality on top.
Auterion GS offers full hardware and software support from U.S. citizens,
to help you enable defense customers to build a scalable fleet of autonomous systems.