Operate a diverse
fleet of autonomous systems

AuterionOS is the only vendor-independent operating system
that runs onboard a fleet of interconnected robotic systems.

What can AuterionOS do?

AuterionOS is a complete onboard software platform, consisting of PX4-based flight control and an operating system running on the mission computer.

It revolutionizes how robotics and autonomous systems operate, collaborate and complete complex missions by providing the infrastructure where autonomous capabilities, sensors, payloads, and apps can pollinate across a diverse fleet of vehicles made by different manufacturers.

Further, it allows you to develop your own, or deploy third-party apps for mission specific autonomous behaviors like GPS-denied navigation and object detection.

Benefits Overview

AuterionOS is the operating system for flexible robotics deployment

Flexibility of choice

Eliminate vendor lock and operate a variety of vehicles, sensors, payloads, and applications made by different manufacturers. Use APIs and SDKs to further expand the range of hardware and software components supported by AuterionOS.

One single training for easy deployment

Reduce training time and costs with a common software platform and workflows. Operators use the same UX/UI regardless of vehicle manufacturer, and only need to train on the differences between systems.

Making defense robotics software-defined

AuterionOS allows robotic systems to become software-defined. Core system functionalities like payload control, datalink pairing, and smart flight modes are standardized across different robotic systems.

Mission-specific automation at hand

Choose from a variety of onboard applications, such as AI/ML-based navigation in GPS-denied environments, computer vision, and object detection and classification. Additional capabilities can be added quickly as new technologies emerge.

Built for multi-domain operations

Not just for drones, the AuterionOS platform can also be used on ground robotics and watercraft. This facilitates multi-domain teaming through a common embedded software infrastructure and UI.

AuterionOS connects a variety of RAS, payloads, data links, and autonomy apps that are ready for plug-and-play integration.

Enabling a software-defined ecosystem with the world’s leading interoperable operating system for robotics

Skynode X

The easiest way to transform any drone hardware into an autonomous system with AuterionOS. Skynode X is a plug-and-play mission computer and flight controller built for integration.

Auterion Mission Control (AMC)

Skynav LT

Battle management software that allows operators to easily plan and execute autonomous missions with systems powered by Skynode X. Fully integrated with ATAK, AMC can be used on any hardware ground controller, tablet, laptop or over a data link