Auterion Mission Control

Control any autonomous system

Auterion Mission Control is the ground control app to plan and execute autonomous missions for any Auterion-powered vehicle.

What Mission Control can do?

With a simple and intuitive UI/UX, Auterion Mission Control (AMC) allows operators to control a diverse fleet of vehicles with the same basic workflows. Streamline your operations, reduce cognitive load, and ease training burden.

Features Overview

Efficient execution

Terrain checks and simplified planning for quick takeoff and landing, even for large hybrid-VTOL and fixed-wing vehicles

Standardized payload control UI

Auterion facilitates full control over connected payloads through a consistent UI, without having to use a secondary app

Full TAK integration

Bidirectionally share information between TAK and AMC, including markers, Sensor Point of Interest, and Position Location Information

Use-case-specific flight behavior

Focus more on your mission and less on controlling the vehicle by using automated behaviors like follow-target, POI lock, and an adjusting Figure 8 for offset observation

Safety and peace of mind

Operate with confidence with geofences, intuitive takeoff and landing approaches, vehicle path prediction, and automatic terrain checks.

Collaborative missions

AuterionOS and AMC facilitate complex operations with features like deliberate handoff of control between ground control stations, and remote video terminal


Enabling a software-defined robotics ecosystem with the world’s leading interoperable operating system

Operate a diverse fleet of interconnected robots with the operating system for flexible robotics deployment. Built-in app deployment allows advanced automation and enhanced user experience.