Skynode Gov

Power a fleet of
autonomous systems

Skynode™ enables any robotics hardware with the Auterion software platform and transforms it into a fully autonomous system with AuterionOS

What can Skynode Gov do?

With a fully integrated flight controller and mission computer with U.S. Government certifications, Skynode Gov combines all the core components and connections needed to rapidly deploy the Auterion software stack on a varied range of vehicles, including small quadcopters, Group 3 UAS, ground rovers and unmanned boats.

Skynode Gov is designed, assembled and supported in the United States and is fully fully compliant with the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, Sec 848.

Features Overview

NDAA compliant, open system standards

Built on a secure open source software base, using widely adopted industry standards including FMUv5x, MAVLink, and PX4, Skynode enables interoperability and seamless integration even with third-party systems.

Built for multi-domain operations

Built for integration into diverse platforms, Skynode Gov provides the common operating system that ensures flying a UAV is as easy as operating a UGV. This leads to a deep level of integration across the entire uncrewed spectrum and enables unique features such as air and ground uncrewed system teaming.

Endless possibilities onboard

Easily run AI algorithms onboard and enable additional power for compute-heavy operations

Apps deployment

With a common API, third party software companies can integrate onboard applications that increase autonomy and add mission-specific capabilities

Pre-integrated payloads and radios

A variety of plug-and-play integrated cameras offer complete control, universal UX/UI and reduced cognitive burden; different tactical radios guarantee interoperability of data links.


Enable end-to-end workflows
for autonomous systems

From the operator

  • Payloads are connected to and controlled by AuterionOS, reducing reliance on the ground datalink
  • Common UI/UX across payload types, while exposing full payload functionality to the operator
  • Deliberate handoff of control between pilot and observer ground control stations

To the tactical network

  • Bidirectional communication with TAK via CoT

  • Immediately disseminate media captured during the flight
  • Real-time exchange of information with remote devices within the network

The complete platform.

Leverage the Auterion software platform by deploying your own mission-specific functionality on top.
Auterion GS offers full hardware and software support from U.S. citizens,
to help you enable defense customers to build a scalable fleet of autonomous systems.

Skynode™ Gov is ready for you to integrate immediately.
Plug payloads, sensors and components like an FPV or depth camera directly into Skynode Gov’s external interfaces and operate from the ground with Auterion Mission Control.

Various autonomous systems

Control multicopter, fixed-wing, VTOL drones as well as ground rovers or unmanned boats

Hardened for government use

Jamming and spoofing resistant system, unrestricted flight time and option to disable data recording

Auterion Mission Control

Control vehicle and payload, view live video stream and plan missions from a single powerful but easy-to-use app.


Run simulations with Skynode™GX hardware in the loop

Optional Remote ID

Comply with the final Remote ID rule, enable peer-to-peer, fleet-wide identification

Flexible payload

You can plug in payloads, sensors, and components such as FPV or depth cameras directly into Skynode™GX external interfaces


Direct integration of operator and BMS views to easily share real-time information

Optional LTE

The optional LTE cloud connection enables automatic flight log analysis, predictive maintenance, fleet management and over-the-air firmware updates.

Everything we do is built on open standards. Skynode™ Gov integrates smoothly into your vehicle setup and enables you with the necessary hardware and software extensions you need to create your product.

Add compute power for AI

Connect AI Node, equipped with the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX for compute-heavy operations.

More about AI Node

Third-party components

Integrate hardware components like uAvionix transponders, Maxon motors, or Elsight Halo.


Easily deploy your own apps and algorithms onboard, e.g. for autonomous navigation or avoidance.

The Auterion Development Workflow

Custom payload integration

Integrate your own payload using the open Pixhawk Payload Bus standard

Skynode Products


Accelerate your robotics development in every phase of your process with the right Skynode™ product.

Skynode™Gov Evaluation Kit

Every Skynode™ journey begins with the evaluation kit to facilitate your first integration, including Skynode™ Gov and all the necessary peripherals in one box.

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Skynode™ OEM

The small, lightweight, bare Skynode™ OEM module allows tight integration into your airframe design for final production.

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Skynode™ Gov Reference design

Depending on your specific requirements on shape or connector types, you can create your own custom hardware based on our Skynode™Gov reference design.Contact our BD team→