NDAA Compliance with Auterion

NDAA compliant products

Auterion and its ecosystem partners provide enterprise and government customers with the following products compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021



Vector is a flexible Hybrid Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) sUAS that provides an endurance of 120 minutes and a 15 km radio link range enabled by a military grade encrypted mesh IP data link. Automated precision take-off and landings are standard with Vector, requiring only a single operator utilizing a hand-controlled GCS.



By removing the wings and tail from Vector, and attaching a separate set of booms and props, the system transforms into a tricopter configuration. This is optimal for dynamic urban environments that required a combination of maneuverability and hover Scorpion has an endurance of 45 minutes and also has a radio link range of 15 km.



Vesper provides field operators with American-made ISR, extended flight time, unmatched low light performance, and a 3-axis stabilized tri-sensor payload.

The light, rugged, and portable drone is backpack ready, easy to use, and has been tested with thousands of hours of flight. With less than 40 dBA at a 60 meter range, Vesper is a truly stealthy drone, invisible at 100 meters against terrain.

Powered by the Auterion software platform, Vesper flies with advanced autonomy capabilities and is enabled for more computation heavy on-board operations like AI on the edge.



Skynav is a light-weight handcontroller that makes it easy to manage autonomous flights, live video streaming, and data collection.

Its operator-friendly design reduces the controls and data needed for mission planning and deployment. A ruggedized, IP65 rating, and water-resistant design makes Skynav the ideal controller to accommodate any mission.


Skynode Gov

Integrated flight controller, mission computer and connectivity with U.S. Government certifications, hardening, and extensions

As a US Government certified vendor, we design, assemble and support Skynode in the USA. It is fully compliant with National Defense Authorization Act.


Auterion and NDAA

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