Code of ethics

Thoughtful evaluation

Auterion continues to thoughtfully evaluate its work in areas that benefit society while exceeding the foreseeable risks and downsides.

  • Auterion is always focused on creating benefits for the entire industry by developing its products and services around open standards
  • Auterion is contributing its improvements to the open source projects it is using
  • Auterion supports academic institutions and programs to teach autonomous systems technology and to enable them to leverage open source software.


On autonomous technology

Autonomous technology and drones can be used for a wide set of use cases across enterprise and government applications. With this, there are certain applications and relationships that Auterion will not pursue.

  • Auterion will not develop weaponized technologies or technologies where principal purposes are to cause injury to people.
  • Auterion will not work with governments other than those that are democratically-elected and with free press.
  • Auterion will not work with technologies whose purposes contravene with widely accepted principles of international law and human rights.